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I haven’t published any poems for some time, so I thought I’d share the following for #WorldPoetryDay.

These were written at the “Creativity with the Spirit” evening (13 Nov 2017) during Scottish Interfaith Week. They don’t follow a traditional Japanese 5-7-5 syllable structure (this departure is apparently quite common nowadays). “On the Spot”, as all six were written in the course of about 20 minutes, with no further editing.

flakes in the air
first snowfall
or volcanic eruption

mist in the air
forgot the brolly
up goes the hood

autumn morn
the Clyde like glass
leaf falling on water

springtime here
still bundled up
where are the blooms?

Saturday morn
lie-in expected
binmen disrupt

Shabbat morn on the bus
yet on the streets
life goes on

Glasgow, 21 March 2018

The Grinch went out, with cap in hand
He saw some friends upon the strand
Got very wet; to home adjourned
Upon arrival the sun returned
(briefly) 😡

His cap gone missing, umbrella was busted
Ten days of rain, if forecast is trusted
Homebound he’ll be till the weather does break
Unless DMI did make a mistake.
(often) 😳

Resolved to search along the strand
The cap was found where it did land!
Many had passed, but none did grab it
’cause trusting is a Danish habit.
Crisis averted! 🙂

at Aalborg Regatta 2013
updated with additional verses 15. oktober 2013

Sleeping late, arose at eight
nasty weather’s arrived from Britain
shall I at home then stay a-sittin’?

From weather vane, I ascertain
wind and rain, and thus campaign:
remain on the plains in Spain
refrain from the Danes’ terrain!

Do the shopping? Un-Shabbat thing
called for: a break from week’s activities
shopping, one of those pleasing proclivities.

And one must eat, so it’s off to the shops
technically possible to dodge raindrops
yet haven’t the knack, the speed do I lack.

Back in one piece, no worse for wear
despite the wet, enjoyed the fresh air
sitting now with a hot cuppa,
finishing this before making supper.

from Aalborg

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