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A feast was laid on: “Eintopf”, “smörgåsbord”
performed by a dancing, drumming horde.

“Dog’s breakfast” in Britain
from those who weren’t smitten
Not done till dogs’ dinners
leave time for the winners!

Still, I’m not so skittish
it was very British
Did anyone vet it?
non-Brits couldn’t get it.

Not wholly a cynic
Great: Ormond Street clinic!

Olympic flame, such a beauty
in performing its duty.

Brunels were dancing
Britain’s progress advancing.

Recalled Seven-Seven, plus Double Oh Seven
Indeed, Liz’s jump seen afar from Devon.

Music by Rattle, accompanied by Bean’s
keyboard, plus Pearly Kings and their Queens.

Athletes parading
where are they from?
procession seemed endless
brains turning numb.

Enlighten us, please, what did you see?
What, pray tell, was your cup of tea?
I beg you, though, not to repeat
in this situation, no need to compete!

Ab Fab event, a fortnight to excite
Great Olympics to all, and to all a good night!

from Aalborg

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