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Photo by Glaux

4:15 am: the Grinch is awoken
Shouting he hears, but what’s being spoken?

He peers out the window, below he espies
a band of young people, through his bleary eyes.

Students out carousing all night
completed their schooling, their caps all in white.
Sauntering down the middle of Strandvejen
(for those not local: a path death-defying!).

A cap goes a-flying, its owner oblivious
lying on pavement, it won’t remain niveous.

The Grinch makes a smirk; “Serves you right”, he believes
“One reaps what one sows, you sleep-stealing thieves!”

(Yet–in truth, he’s not certain a cap did go missing
but allow him some licence for this little dissing).

from Aalborg

The Grinch went out, with cap in hand
He saw some friends upon the strand
Got very wet; to home adjourned
Upon arrival the sun returned
(briefly) 😡

His cap gone missing, umbrella was busted
Ten days of rain, if forecast is trusted
Homebound he’ll be till the weather does break
Unless DMI did make a mistake.
(often) 😳

Resolved to search along the strand
The cap was found where it did land!
Many had passed, but none did grab it
’cause trusting is a Danish habit.
Crisis averted! 🙂

at Aalborg Regatta 2013
updated with additional verses 15. oktober 2013

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