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From my window, dazzling autumn colours
yet faraway
Within reach, window garden with fragrant mint, caressed
a luscious harvest awaited

Dazzling autumn colours and window garden with fragrant mint

Entry to Caboodle flash poetry competition (20 words max) for National Poetry Day 4 Oct 2018. My first (feeble) attempt at a flash poem, following judge Kate Clanchy‘s flash course in flash poetry:

Try making your own memorable image. Remember your five senses and list them down a page. Now write down the name of a favourite place, and note down what it smells, tastes and sounds of; what it feels and looks like. Avoid abstract big words and long adjectives. Try the same exercise with the name of a friend, or an idea like ‘hope’ or ‘nationhood’. One of these lists will be your poem – look for the oddest one, the one that sounds most like you.

 Poirot Movember enigmas

Those little grey cells
solving men’s health mysteries
raising awareness

 Which path to take? Daydreaming

Focus, concentrate!
yet my thoughts do meander
down the unknown path

 Mechanism Constant companion

Ceaselessly working
alas, keeping me awake
keeping me alive!

from Aalborg
inspired by #LumosityContest

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