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turning forty-five
perched atop the Harbour Bridge
magnificent view

atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge, 24 June 2001

2001: A Midwinter Birthday Climb
One week before moving from Sydney to Glasgow. Sunny and 21 degrees Celcius
Composed during a mapping exercise to capture places of personal significance, LGBTI+ Elders Saturday Social, Glasgow, 18 July 2022

You’re turning ninety, what a milestone!
The pictures reveal, from a wee sprite you’ve grown.

Across the miles, I send you best wishes
if I could’a, it would’a been knishes.

Good humour you have, most identified trait
we love you for it, making you first rate!
And as it’s said, if truth be told
when you were born, they broke the mold.

A family you’ve created, you do us all proud
we’ll shout from the rooftops (if this is allowed)
A bride, two sons, plus ‘daughter’ and ‘grands’
spread far and wide, across many lands.

Jimmy, Père, Vater, Grandpa or Pop
I could keep going, but best I should stop
What’s in a name? so asks this laddie
all have their favorites; to me you’re just Daddy.

In Yiddish we hear “biz hundert un tsvantzik!”
yet your retort is “not that old tired shtick!”
How many more years with you shall we see?
your spiel is “a hundred and thirty-three!”
Until then must end these verses above
from me to you inscribed with lots of love.

from Aalborg

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