One world - Refugees Welcome

Photo by Ilias Bartolini on Flickr Creative Commons Licence

I am not a refugee
yet far from home I am
a migrant many times over
a stranger in unknown lands
unknown people
unknown language
unknown culture

I am not a refugee
yet I am their grandchild
and know their stories:
living in fear
fleeing oppression
to the New World
in the nick of time
before the gates were slammed shut

I may not be a refugee
yet know that you may struggle
so proffer a helping hand
to navigate these local waters

We must keep open these gates
welcoming you, in need of sanctuary
and be willing to make sacrifices
large or small
so that you can
breathe freely
live safely
be at peace.

1 comment
  1. Hello Scott. This message comes months after our Poetry online course. Thanks for the poem it hit the spot of inheritance of refugee
    family. Exile. Far from home. No home.

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